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Pro-fax PD626 Polypropylene Discontinuation. Please see details below and direct any inquiries to Value Plastics sales force at 1-888-404-5837 or +1 (970) 267-5200, or email

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Discontinuation of -6 Material


October 2, 2012

Pro-fax PD626 Polypropylene Discontinuation

Value Plastics’ parts affected are designated with an extension of -6, -6002, -6007, -61, -62, -63, -64, -65, and -65B on our part numbers.

We received notice from the distributor of the LyondellBasell(LB), PD626 resin, that LB will discontinue the manufacture of this resin, effective no later than August 31, 2012. This communication from LB supersedes any previous communications they have provided with regards to offering the material with a different additive. The decision of LB is entirely out of the control of Value Plastics, or our resin distributor, and we have no ability to change it.

To assist our customers in this transition, Value Plastics, has secured enough PD626 material to supply parts until the end of 2012, based on previous, and current demands. In addition, last year, Value Plastics began offering an alternate polypropylene material (P5M6K-080) offered by Flint Hills Resources. This material is identified with extension “-6005” in the VP part number. The P5M6K polypropylene offers the advantage of being animal free, and USP Class VI, which many of our customers prefer. A comparison of the two materials is provided here. Our resin distributor has also recommended this material as an alternate to the PD626.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this situation creates for our customers. Although this decision is entirely out of our control Value Plastics is here to assist our customers through this transition and will strive to ensure the timely delivery of our products. Please contact Value Plastics sales at 1-888-404-5837 or to get price and availability of parts in the -6005, Flint Hills polypropylene.


Plastic Tube Fittings by Value Plastics
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Plastic Tube Fittings by Value Plastics